Twitter For Business Tips: Create A New Twitter Business Account

Twitter is one of the most visited websites in the world. And also the most popular social media platform after Facebook. With its popularity, Twitter for business can drive tons of traffic to your business once you understand how it works.

At about 317 million active users, Twitter for business has all it takes to make your business flourish. Twitter has some features that make it stand out from other social media platform. Some of these features are;

  • Sign up for Twitter is easy and free
  • You can include Links and images in your posts for free
  • Tweets delivery is without delay
  • Its characters limit per post is 140. Though the new platform features 250 characters per post
  • An opportunity to link up with other big name businesses and celebrities.

These features and more makes Twitter for business very favorable for your business marketing. However, before you can get started with Twitter for business, you need to create a twitter for business account.

How to Create Twitter for Business Account

Creating a twitter account is simple and straightforward. With these three means, you can create a twitter account. There are:

  1. With Facebook
  2. Creating a new Twitter account using Email
  3. Creating a new account with your phone number also

Moreover, let us now see the guides on how to create a Twitter account with the following steps

STEP 1: Login to Twitter Website

Visit Twitter website when you click on the link and Click on Sign Up when the pages displays.

STEP 2: Fill your Details

Enter some information about yourself as required. Such as Full name (real name or business name), Email address and password.

STEP 3: Choose a Username for your Account

You can put your own customized username or you select one the default username set by Twitter. Remember not to make it more than 15 characters long.

STEP 4: Create Account

After choosing a username, Click on “Create my Account” for your new account to be created.

Fill in the more details that are required which may include your phone number to help you during login or account recovery.


STEP 5: Select Interest

Pick some topics of your interest from the options displayed to you and click continue. After that, Twitter show give you a list of options on whom to follow based on your selected topics. You can reject this offer and import your contact to connect to the people you may know if you wish.

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Now, having set up your twitter for business account, you are all but ready to get started with your business. However, some brands steer away from Twitter. Usually, they give excuses that they don’t know how to use it for their businesses. While some other marketers might not have the time to invest in Twitter, because of other social media platforms. Whereas, there is no reason to be inactive in using Twitter for business

Hence, in this article am going to show you the tips on how to use Twitter for your business.

Twitter For Business Tips: How to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

Twitter is a nice social media platform to go about your business. Below are the tips that will help your business succeed in this platform.

1. Choose a Username that Promotes your Business

The reason for this is simple, more people will follow you when your username is familiar to their ear. It can be your business name, it can also be your name depending on your business.

Whatever username you choose, make sure that it relates to your business. As it will help others recognize whom you are.

2. Update an Attractive Profile Photo

With every tweet that you send, your profile photo is right next to it. Hence, this is an opportunity for you to create awareness among those following you.

A Twitter profile picture is small and square which is a bit challenging for most businesses. Make sure that the photo you update fits the size of Twitter profile photo.

If your profile picture is a logo, try and explore these three features

  • Make sure your logo fits in the small square box
  • Make sure that it is readable
  • Consider switching to a headshot: that is, face pictures not logos. If you are the backbone of your business, try using your face to power your twitter for business marketing.

Moreover, if your profile picture is a photograph, make sure that;

  • Your face stands out
  • You avoid animals and kids in the profile picture. Even if your business is pet related, make your face the center of attractions.

In addition, quality profile picture either your business logo or your photo will make you seem as a professional presence on Twitter for business.

3. Create an Effective Profile

When updating your profile, try as much as possible to create a brief, useful summary of your business with some relevant keywords for Twitter search. Also link back to your site to generate traffic.

To make your profile details more effective, consider how best to make use of Twitter’s custom profile background. It is an opportunity for you to include more information about your business, adding to the 160-character description provided by default. However, while updating your profile details remember not to leave your background image blank.

Your profile details are one of the factors that will decide how people will follow you and your business. Keep your profile real and convincing.

4. Engage with your Audience

In every business, once you gain the attention of your audience then you are a step above the horizon. Just like every other social media platform, always try to get your audience involved. Don’t bore your followers by constantly writing about your business. Sometimes get personal and get them engaged with some other interesting topic.

With Twitter platform making it easy and quick to connect with your readers, it is highly beneficial for boosting engagement and activity around your business.

5. Exploit on the Powers of Being Visual

For your Twitter for business, always look to use images and visual content where ever you can. Visual contents can attract customers more than any other on Twitter. This can be an inclusion of an image of your products in your tweets.

Moreover, Twitter’s research showed that tweets with photo generate about 313% more engagement. Thus, it gives you an added opportunity to boost your audience reach and engagement.forget to be visual. So don’t just forget to go visual.

6. Give Twitter Users a Good Reason to Follow You

If you wish to attract and keep your followers, you need to set up your Twitter for business account to be unique from that of other users. Make the audience feel valued with your Twitter for business by running competitions, promotions, teasing products and offer insight into your business.

Try as much as possible to share information about what you do on daily basis. Either sharing photos or other light-hearted content. Always make your tweets readable and consider including some video reviews about your business.

Learn how to use short summary on getting your messages across.

7. Make Sure you Follow back your Customers

You can search for your customers on your Twitter for business handle using their email address from your address book. However, it’s quite difficult to know which of your customers are on Twitter.

Twitter is a place where you can engage in a conversation with your customers. So it is necessary that you connect with them. Hence to enable your customers to find you advertise your Twitter for business account to your customers.

Consider these set of people your customers on Twitter;

  • People who start up a conversation with you on Twitter. Follow such people that talk to your business on Twitter.
  • People who mention your business on Twitter. Never ignore people who mention or talk about your business on Twitter and follow them. They are your customers and potential customers.

8. Don’t seem too Salesy all the Time

Note that Twitter is not really for sales. Rather, it is mainly for engagement with your customers and then targeting a new audience. Instead of trying to force people to buy your products through your tweets, it will be better if you put more effort into trying to make the audiences want to know more.

People are already accustomed to making this mistake of trying to sell all the time on Twitter. Your Twitter presence should focus more on attracting customers than looking to sell your products and services at every tweet.

9. Connect your Twitter for Business with your Online Networks

Don’t give your audience a doubt of where to find you and your business online. Let your customers know where to find you online to increase your number of followers. Include your Twitter for business account on your business posters such as business cards, email newsletter, and other related links.

In addition, make sure you use your Twitter for business to connect to your other online channels. Such as other social media channels that you frequent and your website.

10. Use your Twitter for Business account to Generate Lead

Aim to use your Twitter activities to convert customers. Make every conversation and interactions meaningful and reach out to people that are yet to follow you. Always engage in positive conversations with your followers and create a positive association with your products.

In terms of marketing strategy, a greater number of Twitter followers will buy from the brands they follow. Hence, use your feed to hype your products/services without being too salty. When you are more natural and direct on your tweets you will definitely generate a business lead, reach and convert more customers.

Twitter for business is very simple and easy to use once you understand how it works. However, with the above tips on how to use Twitter for your business marketing. You can learn how to maximize your business result with your Twitter for business account.

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