6 Fundamental Tips On Using Skype For Business Effectively

Skype for business is a message and meeting software owned by Microsoft. With the software capable of hosting a meeting with up to 250 people at a time. Moreover, you can use the combination of audio, visuals, and chats to host your meeting too. Most times people lack the tips on using Skype for business effectively to make their business more productive. However, this page contains the majority of the information and tips you would need to make your Skype experience a success.

Skype for business will be more important to your business than you think when you learn more about the tips on using Skype for business. This is because, while there are lots of systems out there for businesses to use. Skype continues to innovate to meet the demands of the present day business. Therefore, to help you expand your business communications with Skype I’ve come up with these effective tips on using Skype for business.

Effective Tips On Using Skype For Business

The following are the tips on using Skype for business to make your business more productive. Stay tuned as we share our experience.

1. Slow And Speed Up Your Voicemail

You would agree with me that sometimes voicemail can be unnecessarily long. And this sometimes would make you want to skip to a certain section and reply that part. However as we may have it with Skype for business, you can speed up, slow down or jump in and out of your voicemail.

Now, let me show you how you can do this little trick. Just go to the voicemail icon and click the play button. There is an arrow at the right corner of the ”1x” button, click on the arrow and select how slow or fast you want to listen to your voicemail. Similarly, there is also a play and pause button at the left corner. And again you can drag your cursor to where you want to start listening to your voicemail.

Simply irresistible, Right?

2. Schedule Your Skype Meeting With Outlook

There are a lot of things that might go wrong with an online meeting, but you can get away with all of them. Thanks to the straightforward integration with Microsoft Outlook that Skype for business offers. Hence, straight from your Outlook calendar, you can be able to schedule Skype for business meeting both within your calendar and within an invitee’s.

Moreover, this process is not hard but so simple to undertake. When you want to create an appointment in Outlook, on the Outlook tab simple click Skype meeting. This will automatically embed a link in the description upon which people can click to join the meeting. Also, this would enable those with active notification on Outlook to join meeting with a simple click when notification beeps.

I know you might be missing this part of the tips on using Skype for business by trying to schedule meetings with external tools. However, having got this knowledge you be less worried about all the hassle of trying to organize an online meeting.

3. Share Your PowerPoint Presentation

This is one of the tips on using Skype for business that makes it seem unique to users. While you can share your screen in Skype for business, sometimes you might prefer to show just presentation. Moreover, you can only be able to do this with the aid of PowerPoint integration in Skype for business.

Meanwhile, just like other features in Skype for business, PowerPoint presentation is such easy and simple. Just go within your PowerPoint presentation, click on the slide show tab and then select Present online>Skype for business. This now lets you share your presentation with a meeting in progress or to create a new meeting.

Sharing PowerPoint presentation on Skype for business will equally let you see the necessary control icons in the screen to control your content.

4. Record Your Skype For Business Meetings

Is your brain capable of retaining all the matters discussed in the meeting? If not so, this particular feature is essential for you. Most times when there is lots of attendees and lots of agenda to be discussed in the meeting, you’d probably find it hard to put down or remember the key points of the meeting and yet keep up most attention. Knowing such difficulty, Skype for business lets you record all meetings effectively.

The recording function can record all activities ranging from instant messaging to screen sharing. To start recording once in a meeting, click on the dot(…) tab and then select start recording. However, if you choose to record any activity in meeting all the participants will be notified when you start recording. You can pause and stand your recording using the responsible icons.

Also when you stop recording, it will be saved in MP4 format. To view your recording, go back to the home screen and click settings cog drop-down. After that go to tools, then recording manager to listen.

5. Transfer Skype For Business Call To Mobile

This is one of the most fascinating tips on using Skype for business that everyone would love to hear. As a matter of urgency or just as a want, you can switch your Skype for business call from computer to mobile.

Hence, to set up this first you have to add your mobile number to the account. All you need to do is to go to setting, then phone and add your number to the mobile number field. Now, once you’re on a Skype for business call and you wish to transfer to mobile simply click on the #key. Transfer and choose the mobile number you registered initially from the drop-down list.

Likewise, when you’re on a call and wish to transfer to mobile. You can also click on the call controls button, and then select transfer. Then, select my mobile and click transfer to continue your call automatically on your mobile. Meanwhile, the most interesting thing about this particular tips on using Skype for business is that. It doesn’t need the Skype for business app on your mobile to be able to transfer calls. However, there is no available way of transferring calls back from phone to Skype for business.

6. Always Check Your Contact’s Timezone

Any global business that is often collaborating with clients, staffs, and partners would undoubtedly love this tip. This feature will be helping you when you want to create an appointment in Skype for business.

To be able to check your contact’s timezone just follow this simple step. Right click on the contact, then select see contact card and view the current timezone.

As a global business person, staying free from online meeting hassle would always be your target. Skype for business is unquestionably a better system to start with. Moreover, with all these tips on using Skype for business effectively under your belt, you can now host your meetings like a pro.


Do you have more tips to contribute from your experience? Feel free and leave us a reply with the help of comment box below!

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