List Of Google My Business Best Practices To Improve Ranking

Google My Business Best Practices

Business has been so much revolutionized that you need to keep up with the latest technology trends in other to remain relevant. Meanwhile, Do you have a business page on Google? Have you thought about the consequences of not applying the Google my business best practice for an improved SEO ranking?

Or do you still do not know that Google my business can improve your business online? And that is resultant to more customers.

While you are still debating what Google my business page is all about, I believe after going through this page you will hurriedly go to setup Google My Business page.

What is Google My Business Page?

Google My Business is a free tool that belongs to Google. It allows businesses to create, display and manage their Google Local Business Listing.

Using this tool you can advertise your business information like business name, place, contact, and this information shows up on Google Search, Google Maps and the on Google+.

Arguably, it provides more details about your business more than any paid or organic result on Google. And it is absolutely free!

You don’t need to have a multi-billion dollar company before creating a Google business page.

According to Search Engine Land, Four out of five people use the search engine to find a local business. These local businesses range from shops, restaurants, car rentals realtors to laundry services.

To back this up Google has revealed that most consumer values business with correct and detailed online information about their business.

This information includes the company’s business time or hours, address, phone number, online reviews by customers or other users, free time, and so on.

So, even with a small local retail business, Google business is still vital. Then if you are operating a large company, you had messed your business if you don’t have a Google business page. Nobody will know it exists!

Having an online presence is the fastest way to grow your business. I guess this what every business owner aim for.

However, create a business a Google Business page is very easy but that is not where it ends. Have you thought about how to carry out Google My Business Best Practices for a better ranking?

How Google My Business Works

Google My Business can only be created by a business that have physical place accessible to customers or that customers can actually travel to meet wherever they are.

On your dashboard you can post content, track analytics, check reviews by customers view YouTube engagement and as well launch Google hangout from one interface.

List Of Google My Business Best Practices To Improve SEO Ranking

  • Create your Google page with your real business name.
  • Choose a group that will match your business model.
  • While Creating your profile, exhaust all details about your business that customers might need.
  • Make sure your phone number is correct.
  • Indicate your business opening times, close hours and holidays if any.
  • Always update and check photos that will boost your brand.
  • Write citations or reviews on other websites and web directories.
  • Improve your business listing by keeping it in line with your site using

In conclusion

My Google Business might be that bridge between you and your customer. Meanwhile, take out time to make it better using the List Of Google My Business Best Practices To Improve SEO Ranking.

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