How to use CutStory for Instagram stories – 7 Easy Steps

cutstory for instagram stories

CutStory for Instagram stories is an app which helps you upload your videos especially the ones that you need cut to the perfect length. I will take you through the download process up to the point of how to use cutstory for Instagram stories using 7 simple steps.

It saves you the stress of trying to do it manually. I decided to go into a little survey on apps for this purpose and discovered that the best is CutStory for Instagram stories.

It is an app that offers one-time payment and does not require any other form of subscription. It is easy to use. With just as simple import of video of any lenght, you are given the option to choose a layout, stickers, stencil or mask, text or music after that the app handles the cutting and save it in your camera Roll.

The saved videos are chronologically split into 15 seconds per fragment or any other length of your choice.

Features of CutsStory for Instagram Stories

  • It does not run on subscription.
  • It allows users to post old videos filmed before the last 24 hours, CutStory handles the exporting so you can easily post them on your Instagram Stories immediately.
  • Videos are exported with any form of reduction or compression.
  • CutStory supports all video formats. It allows you to divide long videos in smaller clips of any length.
  • The exported clips are arranged in chronological order making easier to know the order to post them in and you can post directly from the app.
  • Enhance your Instagram to make slideshows, add music, text, and stickers.
  • Save it on your favorite social media platform.

How to use CutStory for Instagram stories

  • Download and Install CutStory for Instagram.
  • Edit your Instagram Story!
  • You can add more features like music and watermark
  • After that Trim and save your video according to the length of your choice.
  • Thereafter, share your story.
  • Trim the chronologically arranged video clips to the perfect length.
  • You can save for your favorite social media as well share on Instagram directly from the app.

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