How to Replace Pictures on Craigslist Posts

How to Replace Pictures on Craigslist Posts

How to Replace Pictures on Craigslist Posts which is one of the best free online classified ads platforms. Hence, to make it as appealing as possible pictures become vital in order to achieve a great response or result. How to Restore Pictures to Craigslist Posts is crucial because sometimes pictures can disappear for any slightest change in especially when linked to HTML.

It has a large audience and serves as one of the most convenient ways of advertising for people looking to buy or sell.

Craigslist so far has over 700 local sites in not less than 70 countries with support for multiple languages. It allows its users to post ads for almost any product, service, want or need of their choice.

How to Replace Pictures on Craigslist Posts

Go to the web page where the picture you posted is linked. On the page right-click on the picture and select “Save Image As…You can as well select “Save Picture As” depending on the option that you are shown, save it to your PC.

However, if the picture to be replaced or restored is not linked but has been saved on the PC, proceed to and click on “my account” link. Then, log in to your Craigslist account.

After that, go through the list of ads posted under the account, tap on “manage” on the ads posting that the image needs to be restored. Click on the link sent to you when you first created the posting.

Thereafter, tap on “Edit this Posting” on the posting’s page. Go to the bottom of the Edit Posting page and click the “Add/Edit” button.

Just tap the “Browsed” button located under the red “X” and get the folder on your PC where the picture has been saved. Pick the picture you need and click “Open”. If there are more than one pictures use the same method to add all of them.

If you are done with Replacing Pictures on Craigslist Post, click on “Make Changes” to upload the picture(s) and save the posting.

Finally, tap the link next to Go see your ads at…to view the updated posting.

Please, if you encounter any problem while implementing this guide on How to Replace Pictures on Craigslist Posts, feel free to let us know via the comment box below.

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