How to Delete or Cancel Netflix Account

How to Delete or Cancel Netflix Account – To delete or cancel a Netflix account can be done with few steps. The Netflix account gives access to a wide range of online streaming of HD movies and as so one may not like to cancel their account. However, things may not go as planned and we may want to cancel our account.

Netflix account before now did not have the feature that enables you to delete the account. However, a recent update has allowed registered users to be able to cancel and delete an account. This post is aimed at helping any Netflix account user cancel or delete their account.

How to Delete or Cancel Netflix Account

The steps below will guide you on how to easily delete or cancel Netflix account:


Log in to any web browser of your choice on either a mobile phone or Laptop.


On the web browser Netflix homepage at


Log in to your account using your correct username and password.


On the homepage of your Netflix account, click on “Your Account” and ” Help” link at the top right corner of your page.


On your Netflix account page, select the “Cancel Membership” link or you can equally do the same action by clicking on  if you are automatically logged to your Netflix account in auto-login mode.


Finally to confirm the cancellation of your account, select deactivate the account. You have now successfully deleted your Netflix account.

N/B: For this steps above to be successful we must use a laptop because if we use a mobile phone browser we will be directed to download the Netflix app. One last advantage is that once you have successfully deleted or cancelled your Netflix account using a PC or Mac, it will also erase the account out of all other devices.

Also, remember that you must have created a Netflix account to be able to cancel it.

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