How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile

How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile

How to delete a Facebook dating profile won’t mean that your Facebook account will be deleted. Though Facebook Dating is not a separate app, your Facebook dating profile is linked to your Facebook account. You need the latter to access the former.

Meanwhile, it quite has different features but the Facebook Dating profile grabs some information as contained in your Facebook profile. And that is why you should learn how to delete your Facebook dating profile.

Activating Facebook Dating Link? How to Stay Safe

There are other reasons why you should consider deleting your Facebook Dating Profile once you are done with it. Or probably realized that you don’t need it. I shall be giving some these reasons below, I hope they help you stay safe:

Bind Mindful of Your Location Privacy

When you tap on the “Dating Location” option you will see that “your dating location is only updated when you choose to change it here. It’s always visible on your Dating profile.” But that has nothing to do with the location of your current location.

Facebook Dating needs your location to match you with people in your immediate area. And this exposes you to danger in an event of a data breach if your information is exact, it makes you easier to track or stalked for the ill intent.

Be Mindful of the Pictures You Share

This should be a common practice online, especially with online dating services. Avoid using photos that have easily identifiable things, places, or houses. Don’t use photos that show your home or favorite places. It will go a long way to reduce stalking and dubious tracking.

Stay Vigilante by Using The Block Button

The good thing about this feature of the Facebook Dating Profile Block tool is that you can search for accounts you wish to block. With this tool, you can block off unwanted persons like your ex(es).

Also, the Block button comes in handy when the connection turns sour. When you realize a lot of difference which you can nor tolerate, you can block them and move on.

Learn to Use ” Take a Break”

Like every human encounter, there are chances of getting overwhelmed with toxic energy that you might need to take a break. You should Take a break and here is how:

  1. Tap the Settings icon in the top right of the Facebook Dating homescreen.
  2. Tap the General tab at the top of the Settings screen.
  3. Tap the Take a Break slider and watch it turn purple.
  4. Tap Continue to confirm you want to enable Take a Break.

Once you have enabled this, your profile will no longer show up in search results. This will not stop you from chatting with people you have already connected with, though.

Be Cautious While Taking Dating Offline

Let your family or friends know about who you are going to meet and the location of the meet. Don’t ever go on date with a stranger without adequately ensuring your safety.

Make Sure You Report Scammy or Abusive Profiles

In the world of good and evil, you can expect not everyone on the Facebook Dating site is their genuinely to meet, connect and interact. Some are there to carry out dubious intentions of getting your bank details for ripoffs.

Facebook has provided tools that will help you report such when you suspect an imminent danger of any form.

Learn How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile

The Facebook Dating feature is an awesome initiative but not everyone will fancy it after trying it out. Can you delete Facebook dating profile? Yes of course!

Due to the value of data already shared it would be wise for you to clear it all. Just delete the whole Facebook dating profile and call it a quit. Here is How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile:

  1. Tap the Settings icon in the top right of the Facebook Dating homescreen.
  2. Tap the General tab at the top of the Settings screen.
  3. Tap the Delete Profile button.
  4. Confirm you want to do this by tapping Delete Profile again.

Actually, this will not disable your actual Facebook profile, just the information you shared in the Facebook Dating feature.

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