How to Bypass Adblock Detection on Website Easily

How to Bypass Adblock Detection on Website Easily

How to Bypass Adblock Detection on Website is one of the questions you ask when you want to get rid of those Adblock detections that are increasingly invasive. I will show you a simple way you can use to bypass Adblock detection on any website.

It won’t be wise to rule out the fact that not everyone understands what an AdBlock does. I will break its meaning and function.

AdBlock is an online content filtering to make sure that users can prevent the web pages displaying some contents of the sites which most times are advertisements. It powers ad blocking across various web browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera mini.

However, many of these websites have devised a means of making users disable their ad-blocking service or whitelist the websites to display ads. And they do this simply because most of them depend on these advertisements for their revenue.

These intrusive ads inhibit good user experience and that’s the reason why this guide was prepared to help you set up a formidable bypass for Adblock blockers.

How to Bypass AdBlock Using Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey

Tampermonkey is one of the best and most popular userscript managers. It is the only option available to web users who use Google Chrome and Opera web browsers.

  • Go to your browser’s extensions option.
  • Search for “Tampermonkey”
  • Click on “Install” as displayed on the screen.
  • After installation it will start running immediately, no additional set up is required.

Thereafter, you will get the script that will make that all Adblock blockers are bypassed. Download it from The name of the script is Anti-Adblock Killer developed by Reek.

On the page, click on the “Install” button in the top center of the page. It will now take you the Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey accordingly where you shall be required to confirm the installation of the script. Proceed to confirm the install.

For Tampermonkey users, you will need to tap on the icon, then tap on the “Dashboard”. A new tap will be opened displaying all currently active scripts.

With this UserScript installed it will help you retain your Adblock active always irrespective of the set up the owner of the website has done. Once you have the add-on the next thing would be to add to your Subscribe to Filter List for specific ad-blocker in use on the browser.

In conclusion, using this method on How to Bypass Adblock Detection on Website is subject to change but works very well as at the time of publishing this guide. Feel free to use the comment box below for your questions and contribution on this topic or any other topic that is related to how to bypass Adblock detection on any website.

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