Facebook Messenger Marketing: Using Neil Patel’s 88% Open Rate And 56% CTR

facebook messenacger marketing

When we talk about digital marketing so many platforms come to mind, most notably “Facebook”. And it’s the facebook messenger that gets the job well done. Talking about facebook messenger marketing, you will be making a serious mistake if you have not made mention of “facebook messenger bots“. Some call it chatbots, messenger bots, or facebook bots.

As a result of using email marketing campaign, many marketers have found it hard to top the result of their marketing campaign. Thus from the experience with facebook messenger bots. It proved to be one of the most powerful new methods in digital marketing.

Neil Patel used the stats, “88% open rate and 56% CTR” to support the proof. Facebook messenger bot is relatively new to the digital marketing scene. It’s just like an email marketing but now you’re using facebook messenger. As a marketer adopting facebook messenger bot early enough will be of a great advantage for you.

The truth is, the earlier you learn a marketing tactic, the more likely it will benefit you. It’s now the right time for facebook messenger bots. Because we are in the phase of facebook messenger marketing. This is true when you send a prospect a facebook message because they will view it and click through than they would with email marketing messages.

The fact that it’s new and exciting makes it hard to ignore! Hence, in this article, I’m going to show you all you need to know about this facebook messenger marketing, by adopting facebook messenger bots.

So Now, What’s This Bot All About

Normally when people hear of bots, they get the wrong impression about it. It’s true that there are bad bots that hackers use to perform a simple and repetitive task. But these are not the kind of bots we’re talking of right now.

The bots are short of “Robot”. And they actually help us as marketers to get higher open rates, clickthrough rates, leads, and sales. These good bots where are talking about are:

  • Copyright bots
  • Data bots
  • Spider Bots
  • Trader bots
  • Service bots
  • Sales bots: These are the kind of bots we are talking about. The facebook messenger bots. This kind of bots is mostly used in customer service roles.

Now, ask yourself this question.

What Can I Do With Facebook Messenger Bots

Like I said before, facebook messenger bot is more like email marketing. The only difference now is that you’re using Facebook instead of email. However, its understood that using facebook messenger marketing has massive reach and high levels of interactivity than email.

Thus, here are the things facebook messenger bots can fetch you

  • I can deliver messaging sequences to people on messenger
  • Create sales funnel that brings in sales right within messenger
  • Even downloads like resources and content upgrades through messenger
  • I can also have automated conversations with real users on messenger using Al.

There are many more things messenger bots can do for you. It’s obvious that Facebook messenger marketing is highly an effective channel. Meanwhile, Facebook is a great fan of these chatbots. Due to their number of users they push customer service support to messenger bots providers and bot builders.

However, to clear curiosity in some people’s mind let’s get to know this:

How Does Facebook Messenger Bot Really Work?

The simplest way to this is that getting an experience of bots yourself is better than hearing about them. You can gain this experience when you opt into a bot at BotAcademy.com

On the homepage of Botacademy, you will see an opt-in box. It looks more like a typical email lead generation CTA. But the thing is that, its actually different because it won’t capture your email address. Rather, they will chat you with facebook messenger.

Experiencing bots at Botacademy is almost like chatting with a friend. It is easy and fast. The supports at Botacademy will keep sending you chats and delivering contents.

This is the reason why I emphasized earlier that, experiencing the usefulness of a tool is more helpful than hearing about it.

The Reasons For Using Facebook Messenger Bots In Facebook Messenger Marketing

The essence of this information is because messenger bots are believed to be the next big thing. In online marketing and facebook messenger marketing. Also, bots can make your businesses more successful.

Now let me share some facts on why you should use messenger bots. Instead of tending to confuse you more with 88% Open Rates and 56% Clickthrough Rates. Here are there

  • 1.2 billion people use facebook messenger every month. Which is fair to say your ideal customer is using messenger.
  • Most prospective customers are no longer comfortable in providing their email address in order to get your free download anymore. They are even likely to ignore your email completely. This is termed email fatigue.
  • Messenger is completely optimized for mobile or desktop. No more mobile configuration for email messages.
  • You can get a quantifiable profile details of your subscriber from a messenger, such as a gender, age, occupation etc. You can’t try getting that from an email.
  • On messenger, the prospect can instantly engage in live chats, which helps to close sales faster and with less friction
  • From a customer’s view, opting into an email newsletter or campaign requires more steps and work than opening up a facebook messenger thread.
  • From your perspective as a marketer, building an email list takes a lot of works. While creating a list of facebook messenger leads is a lot less work because of the reduced friction. Messenger is a one-time click subscription than the processes involved in email subscription.
  • Also, retargeting your messenger leads is easier and faster than retargeting email leads since the leads are already on facebook.

Getting leads on facebook messenger marketing is easy, but how about to set up your own campaign. Is it that easy also?

How To Set Up An Interactive Facebook Messenger Bot

Don’t be scared at this juncture. Because there are two ways you can achieve this feat.

  • The programmer’s way
  • The easy way

If you are not a programming guru that know your way around Python, flask or javascript. Then there is no need for going for the programmer’s way, rather, you can choose the easy way.

The Programmer’s Method of Creating a Facebook Messenger Bot

Below are the resources that will help you in creating a facebook messenger bot

1. Facebook messenger bot tutorials: a step-by-step guide for building a basic facebook chatbots

Hartley Brody has a lot of helpful resources for messenger bots here.

2. [GItHub] Creating your own messenger bot

Github’s guide is designed mainly for beginners and intermediates.

3. [Youtube series] Make your own facebook bots.

It’s a nice visual lesson. Check out for this YOUTUBE Tutorials.

4. Messenger developers – Messenger platform

Even Facebook is eager to help developers and programmers create messenger bots. Their tutorial is the best for advanced programmers while also providing the basics of creating a functional bot.

The Easy Way to Create a Facebook Messenger Bot

Marketers who are not coders or programmers [Like myself] are good at using online tools and programs in creating a facebook messenger bot.

As a nonprogrammer, there are many platforms you can adopt in creating your facebook messenger bot. Some of them are

  • Manychat: This platform keeps it simple and easy when creating facebook messenger bot. It can only take you a few minutes to create.
  • Chatfuel: They are one of the leading innovators in chatbot industry. It’s very easy for you, all you need is a facebook account and chatfuel tool would handle the rest. One of its interesting features is that it’s free until up to 500,000 monthly active users. This means that marketers will get all the services of a chatbot without being subjected to a monthly subscription.
  • Sequel: This provides chatbots for Facebook, Viber, and telegram. Their platform is also easy to use and boosts several helpful templates to start with. Such as; publisherbot, personalbot, gamebot etc. They help to save you time and give you some insight on how to create a conversational bot experience.
  • Botsify: It is an A I-centric [Artificial Intelligence] bot platform that is ideal for customer service functions. Botsify is normally used by larger brands such as Apple Shazam.

There are still some other bot platforms that you can choose from. Though not mentioned in this context, all of which are easy to use. But with the aforementioned, you can create your facebook messenger bot in minutes.

In other words, there are some few things to consider when creating your facebook messenger bot. Which includes

  • Create your bot with a unique name
  • Enlighten the users on the tips on how to use it
  • Try to make the conversation flow seem natural
  • Maintain and optimize your chatbot all the time
  • Release the features in bits, in order not to overwhelm the users.

In Conclusion;

It’s right you dive into the newest tools in digital marketing “in facebook messenger bot.”

For your facebook messenger marketing, facebook messenger bot is the future. So, starting now with facebook messenger bot is a great idea. Because as a digital marketer, you need to be flexible and adaptive.

In this article as we have seen, you can be able to increase your customer satisfaction and monetize your social media platforms as well. By creating a well interactive messenger bot.

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