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Facebook Watch Tab

Undeniably Facebook is the social networking media giant. Recently it came with a new feature Facebook Watch Tab” in its video offering services with clean and user-friendly functions to rival YouTube, Google’s video search engine. It is TV-like in nature and its aim is to make users spend more time on Facebook.

Facebook Watch Tab is a new feature in Facebook to satisfy the increase in the consumption of video content online. It has perfected it moves to draw more business-like activities with fun and lifestyle to Facebook.

According to reports by Zenith Media 47.4 minutes of online video will be watched per day in 2017. That is an estimate of a 35% increase from 2016.

Meanwhile, Facebook targets a reasonably influence on the television ad dollar ventures with its advanced video platform. Also, it is creating this platform to make users have an avenue where they can share ideas and views in their various communities about the latest shows interactively.

It is targeted to deliver videos that are particularly designed for Facebook. It is an infusion base on the video habits on YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat and even Traditional TV.

Facebook Watch Tab is currently live and accessible to only users in the USA. It available on native mobile apps for Facebook, desktop site as well as TV apps.

With Facebook Watch users will have more opportunities to express their opinions after watching videos. And Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has reiterated that:

“We believe it’s possible to rethink a lot of experiences through the lens of building community — including watching video,” he said. “Watching a show doesn’t have to be passive. It can be a chance to share an experience and bring people together who care about the same things.”

Moreover, there is already an existing video tab in the Facebook app. It acts as a video content’s hub. So what Facebook Watch does is make it easier for users to discover trending content or videos being watched by friends. Also, users can save specific shows they like to their watchlist’s to get a notification when new episodes of the show are added.

Special Feature Of Facebook Watch Shows

There are shows that will engage community and fans –Nas Daily will be publishing videos with his fans across the world.

Live shows that would connect and interact directly with fans – New York bestselling author, motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein uses live episodes and recorded clips to connect with her fans. She interacts and answers questions in real-time.

There are shows that will follow a certain or consistent theme – Like the Kitchen Little by Tastemade. It is a funny video of kids learning through how-to video on a recipe. Thereafter, instructs chef on how it is made. It features a new child, new chef and new recipe per episode.

Also there live event shows that unite communities – Major League Baseball is broadcasting a live game on Facebook, it allows people to connect and interact with friends and co-fans.

The proposed integration of Facebook video crowding has generated different opinions such as:

Facebook Watch Tab Integration will trigger revenue growth

Facebook Watch allows the content creators and owners to take 55% of revenue generated from the videos added while Facebook takes 45%. This would encourage creators to push more videos and in turn, each will make money.

Secondly, Facebook has a large audience of over 2 billion users has an edge even above YouTube, the king online video network media. YouTube is still a subscription platform while Facebook will continue to leverage on its ad-based video marketing.

So, the era of just bumping into videos on your News Feed is about to end. Facebook users can now subscribe to their favorite series. That’s what it looks like for now!

Moreover, Facebook Watch will feature the following options for selecting video contents:
“Today’s Spotlight”, “New This Week”, “Popular Now”, “What Friends Are Watching”, “Most Talked About”, “Suggested For You”, and an exclusive “10 Minutes Or More” spot for long-range videos.

In conclusion

I think Facebook took the right step on venturing into digital video. There are still speculations that this might not really avail much to its consumer who uses Facebook live for sharing updates with their audience.

However, Facebook Watch Tab still an awesome avenue for brands, creators, and publishers, knowing the difference between social media platforms from targeting audience to ad-unit remains the crux.

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