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To download Netflix movies is the desire of every Netflix account user. You could decide to watch it over and over again or save it on your device. The Netflix account gives you access to thousands of movies and tv shows for instant streaming and on Dvd. The problem is you are only allowed unlimited access to movies for a monthly charge.

Also, Netflix does not give you digital videos on demand downloads because it provides videos to members only for streaming but in one of its latest update, it was made possible. In this post, I will be giving you the steps to follow to download Netflix movies to any device for offline viewing.

How to Download Netflix Movies and Tv Shows

The steps below will guide you on how to download Netflix movies for any device.

Step 1: Make Sure App is Up to date

First, make sure your Netflix app has to be up to date. If your Netflix app is not up to date click on this link to download for your viewing device:

After updating your Netflix app continue with the steps below.

Step 2: Select your download Quality

The Netflix app offers two quality levels for download: The Standard quality and High quality. The High quality is high definition and takes more space while the standard quality is not so high and takes less space.

Click on the menu on the left and scroll to App Settings. Under the Downloads heading,  tap Video Quality and select your preferred quality.  Select the download quality you want for the Netflix movie and continue.

Step 3: Pick your Movie Option

In this step, you have to note that not everything on the Netflix app can be downloaded. To find the downloadable Netflix movies, Click on menu and select Available for download option. You can also find the downloadable Netflix movies by clicking on the arrow pointing downwards.

Step 4: Start Downloading the movies

Once you have selected the downloadable movie you want to watch, click on the download icon near it to start the download. After downloading you can now enjoy the Netflix Movie offline and on any device.

N/B: you must have a Netflix account already for this to work.

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