10 Best Influencer Marketing Platform That Will Boost Your Brand

Marketers and businesses have devised several platforms for marketing their products online. And one of those platforms is influencer marketing platform.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the kind of marketing in which businesses focus on a certain important personnel rather than markets or audiences. It is a marketing strategy that marketers and advertisers use to get to their potential customers by the means of content and influence generated by the influencers.

Influencer marketing uses influential personnel to extol the virtues of their brands. However, one issue that businesses encounter is, figuring out who is a true influencer online. Hence, influencer marketing platform is designed to allow marketers, businesses, and brands to track and meet their main influencers and use their help for effective products’ marketing.

Who Is An Influencer?

An influencer is a person that can sum up the story about your business to your audience on social media on your behalf in a more convincing manner. People usually believe the story that is shared by someone they are very familiar with and trust. That’s why an influencer is important to boost your brand awareness and reach.

However, let’s take a look at the best influencer marketing platforms that can boost your business.

The 10 Best Influencer Marketing Platform You Can Choose From

Influencer marketing platform can help companies or organizations to figure out, recruit and interact with the influencers. Below are the best influencer marketing platforms that you can choose from.

1. Influenster

This is a kind of product discovery platform. this platform enables customers to make informed purchases. when they have discovered a new product, they seek advice from an influencer.

Influenster helps its members to discover new products, gain new tips and share their opinions among others. Also, Influenster helps its users to compare products and guide them on how the products can impact their lives.

Influenster boosts a community of about 2 Million members and counting. In short note, the headquarters is located at New York City. Founded in 2011 and with their website at influenster.com

2. Mustr

This platform allows companies or organizations to manage a healthy online network of bloggers, journalists, and social influencers. Also, it stores the information from bloggers and journalists.

With the stored information in this platform, marketers know and engage largely recommended bloggers or journalists in the market and use them to create and share the targeted content with the target audience.

In Mustr, businesses can share journalist and blogger contacts with their team, sends notes to journalists and then share contents with the clients.

3. HYPr

HYPr has over 9 million influencers’ profiles across all the social media channels. It is the largest of such database existing in the world today.

However, the members of this platform can search for influencers through the use of audience demographics or name. The demographics can include age, location, interest or social media platform.

Hence, the demographics help marketers to find the best possible influencer available for any kind of campaign. The key management tool of this platform is its ability to create the lists of different categories of influencers.

4. InNetwork

InNetwork is an influencer marketing platform where influencers and marketers meet to build a strong professional relationship. Though, InNetwork is a very sensitive platform. They have a team of influencer analysts who vet each influencer for quality, authenticity, and engagement.

With this team of influencer analysts, it helps brands and marketers to quickly identify the best social influencer, build strong relationships, collaborate and track the performance of campaigns and so on.

5. Exposely

This platform allows products to reach their target customers and audience through the right influencer and engaging content. It connects a brand with highly engaged online influencers.

Here, any influencer can sign up to the site and gain access to paid opportunities by sharing contents from brands.

Content marketing is a trend that is most common and popular with marketers. Hence, becomes even more powerful when combined with the right influencer marketing.

6. Revfluence

Revfluence is an influencer marketing platform that allows businesses to connect with good content creators and influencers to promote their products to the target audience.

Great and professional content creators can lead original and influential contents for your products. They would also go on to promote those contents to their followers in social media platforms.

This also provides an extremely thorough range of campaign tools to affect every aspect of the campaign management.

7. Find Your Influence (FYI)

FYI has a strong focus on its technology and also has automated the steps of the influencer marketing process. Here, bloggers utilize their talents to make money by helping their favorite business in their marketing campaign.

FYI also operate with high profile clients such as Lenovo, Sony, Hallmark, Budweiser. However, they are real-time analytics and data-based reports made available to businesses to measure the success of their campaign.

8. SociaBuzz

This is an influencer marketing platform where brands and businesses connect with social media influencers across Instagram, youtube or twitter. It is an online marketing place. In this platform, businesses track and find the best influencers among other members.

Thus, when the rightful influencers are found they are allowed to share the contents with their social media followers. This makes brands campaigns much successful due to the fact that the influencer knows the best way to interact with his social media followers.

Also, they can generate reports from a single dashboard for a monitored campaign. Track and find other users on sociaBuzz when you click here to sign up for free.

9. Traackr

In this platform, influencers who know people and impact businesses and that can change the mindset of the customers with genuine reviews are involved.

It specializes in helping businesses and companies build a mutual and lasting relationship with the influencers. This platform has been evolved dating back to 2008.

However, it gives businesses the opportunity to find their key influencers and build healthy and mutual relationships with them.

Again, it offers relationship management, discovery and campaign management over the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube and more.

10. FameBit

Initially, this platform began with video content, connecting popular influencer youtube users with brands. However, they have expanded to cover Facebook and other social media platforms.

This platform makes it easy for brands to find and engage top creators and influencers for promotions on social media.

Both brands and creators can sign up on FameBit. But, a creator needs the minimum of 5,000 followers on his social account to be considered an influencer and for his membership to be accepted.


In conclusion, there are still more influencer marketing platforms to be considered. But looking for the best influencer marketing platforms to make your brands stand out from others, the above 10 platforms are recommendable.

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