7 Best Video Marketing Software For Every Business

Video has become one of the most effective ways to get your brand in front of your audiences. Now, marketers have discovered the effects of video marketing and the field is poised to feature more strategies. However, video marketing is on track to keep rising. Thus, for you to be successful in your video marketing campaign. You need to start with having a reliable video marketing software.

Indeed, the video marketing of a thing is going to change the whole digital marketplace in a near future. So, why not make one or two video marketing software a choice? Besides, no matter your marketing objectives it’s important you include videos in your marketing plans.

Moreover, many marketers are now putting more interest in video marketing. Because a greater percentage of them says that video converts better than any other content type. Nevertheless, you cannot make good videos for marketing without the help of the video marketing software. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to discuss those important video marketing software for your business.

The Best Video Marketing Software For Every Business

The following video marketing software is the best for marketers looking to reach new heights in their video marketing campaigns.

1. Wistia

When looking for video marketing software to edit and market your video, there is no limited option. Wistia is one of the best video marketing software for hosting your videos. This software comes with unique features with the aim of fulfilling users demand to make better marketing videos.

Wistia features a Soapbox where you can create new videos fast. This feature helps you to make professional videos in minutes with just your computer’s camera. Along with that, it offers in-depth guides for making, marketing and measuring your videos.

Why you don’t need to worry about reliability?

Wistia video platform has helped over 300,000 businesses grow with video. Including Zendesk, Squarespace, Unbounce, Casper and many more.

2. Filmora

Filmora is a highly-rated video marketing software. The video editor is easy for anyone to learn, even if they’ve never edited videos before.

With Filmora’s wide range of powerful editing tools, you can easily create amazing videos. Some of the features include the following;

  • Noise Removal: The ability to remove unwanted background noise easily.
  • GIF Support: You can import, edit, and export GIF files
  • Social Imports: Ability to import photos and clips directly from Facebook and other social media platforms
  • With Filmora, you can equally flip your clips and play them backward.

In addition, This software comes with other advanced tools. Such as advanced text editing where you can edit the color, size, font, and even animation of your text and titles. Also with the help of an audio mixer, you can be able to adjust the audio of each individual track on your timeline. With its delightful intuitive design, anyone can easily become a great video editor. You can equally join the over 50 Million happy users today.

3. Animoto

Animoto is one of the video marketing software that pros hardly live without. It can help you in achieving your desire for making a professional video which definitely helps your business growth. This video marketing software helps you make great videos easily in three quick steps;

  • Set the tone: Choose a style and song that you like
  • Customize It: By adding photos, video clips, and texts
  • Finalize It: Produce and share your video

With these simple processes, you can showcase your work and create an unforgettable client experience. This simple and easy to use tool can make you a video creator if you wish to. Again, you can use this video marketing software to create videos that will perform well on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Top brands such as BBC, CNN, NBC, Forbes are already using Animoto to promote their videos. You can as well join the millions of people who use the power of video to get the best out of their business. Animoto can perfectly help you achieve this.

4. Powtoon

Powtoon is video marketing software that helps you create awesome videos and presentations. They support users in each step to making their video come alive. In other words, you can create your videos within minutes either from scratch or by customizing a prebuilt Powtoon.

Meanwhile, with already made templates you can create a high-quality Powtoon. Again, this intuitive web service allows users to create high-quality videos by themselves.

Powtoon offers free version although the features are limited and it includes Powtoon branding. However, with premium versions such as Pro+, you can enjoy unlimited access to all contents. The Pro+ plan is priced at $59/month, billed annually.

5. Viewbix

This is one of the video marketing software that will help you share your creativity with your audiences. It is an interactive video marketing tool that offers cross-platform sharing of files. With the help of a SaaS-based builder, you can create interactive video ad units. And as such your video comes to live with integrated calls to action.

On the other hand, you can Viewbix analytics platform to maximize your video ROI. Thus, you can be able to see how, when, and where viewers engage with your video.

This is how Viewbix works

Viewbix combines creativity, technology, and data to revolutionize digital video. Their reliability has caught the eyes of top brands such as Sony, CBS, Yankee Candle etc.

6. Sldely

This is one of the easiest video marketing software, where you can create, discover, and share videos and images. It is perfect for presenters, marketers, and instructors who intend to keep their audience’s attention glued to their message. In fact, this tool helps you to revolutionize your business through video marketing. It remains quite beautiful, fast, simple and affordable.

No matter how you want to create your videos, Slidely will always help you do it in beautiful ways. Whether you want to create a show, a college, a gallery, or video slide for mobiles, Slidely will equip you with the needed tools. Again, it equally offers promo video maker which allows you to create marketing videos online.

Slidely takes you to another level in your visual content creation.

7. Wideo

Wideo helps you create compelling animated videos and presentations that engage. Even without a previous experience, with this tool, you can easily create a video from scratch. You can as well create animated videos and get desired results in minutes when you use Wideo.

Moreover, you can start creating your videos with already-made video templates by Wideo.

Video Mareketing Software

Once you’ve chosen a template, you can have your video ready to go in only but 5 minutes. Altogether, you can customize every detail, and with a drag-and-drop feature, things become much easier for you.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to hire a designer nor spend hours creating a video. However, with Wideo’s animation maker software, you can create your own professional video in minutes. Even without any pas experience.

Finally, when you’re done with your video you can share directly to Facebook or Youtube from Wideo. It remains one of the best video marketing software for creating your professional marketing videos.


As the demand for video is generally increasing, these software programs are well loaded with the features you may need to enhance your video marketing campaign. With time marketers who make video contents their priority will definitely benefit more than those who don’t.

So, these video marketing software will certainly be useful to your business. If not now, then later.

Which one have you tried, which one is your business utilizing most? Feel free to leave us a reply!

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