10 Proven Influence Of Technology On communication

Can you imagine a world without Technology? How influence of technology on communication have restructured our communication pattern.

May be we might have been stuck in ancient times using birds to send letters, using fire or smoke to send warnings and then decimating information through town criers.

How modern technology affects communication can be seen in two folds, merits and demerit.  Notwithstanding the both sides have had their fair share in our socioeconomic pattern of living.

Meanwhile, it actually baffles me how modern technology affects communication every single day. From phone call to instant messaging apps and then video call apps now available in various styles and specs.

However, technology has advanced through ages until this moment we are faced with inventions being made to improve communication to be as easy as never before.

Technological developments such as the invention of Internet and devices like mobile phones have resulted in the unprecedented advancement of  communication. Technology has tremendously exacted strong influence on communication.

10 Proven Influence Of Technology On communication

Meanwhile, as I stated earlier, that there are basically two effects of tech on communication. It has positive effect on one hand and then negative effects on the other hand.

1. Positive Influence Of Technology On communication

Obviously, the length of time it will take to post a mail in a conventional post office you would have used to send up to 1000 emails of the same content.

Hence, the time management in communication has being to a great extent maximized with the introduction of technology. Now, you have an array of means of communication you could choose from.

You either make phone call, send text or send email, all within a space of seconds. In addition, there numerous apps or software which have being developed as an advancement on the tools of communication. Example is Skype and IMO Messenger.

2. Enhanced Business

In terms of business, you it is a crucial relationship. And you know know relationship can effectively work well without good communication. So with these various innovations in means of communications, businesses have being enhanced.

Currently, having a good computer or mobile phone with an internet connection you can shop anywhere across and your goods will be delivered at your doorstep.

Moreover, you can conclude and seal deals from any part of the world, arrange meetings and discussions held by companies without being in contact through video conferencing.

Also business networking is made easier by social media and online network, expanding customer base by running adverts online and maintaining a strong social platform.

In fact according to Hubspot “92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business” and this is as a result of apps and software at their disposal.

Most business have now gone online. That with a committed effort into blogging you could start making of it just within 2 months, that to tell you how people go online to search for info.

3. Politics And Governance

In governance we have seen the major role it played in the last elections of the US. Where the social media posts of the contestants and the electorate contributed to large extent the outcome of the election.

And today, the tweets by the president of the United States Of America, is a matter of concern as it is regarded to have great executive aura on the government.

4. Education Advancement

Technology has improved learning through E-learning by providing educational platforms online. Now, with just your laptop and good internet connection you could communicate with your tutors or students online.

It has also helped disabled people by invention of hearing aids for partially deaf people, making it easier to hear and understand.

Other advances in technology include the brain-computer interface systems which gives the ability to communicate to people who can’t.

5. Online Dating And Social Discovery

Technology have also brought about online dating, am sure you must have heard of that. Dating someone was never so easy, especially when distance is involved but success of long distance relationships is numerous with the influence of tech.
Video calls and social networks like Facebook, whatsapp, Vk  have made it easier to keep in touch with friends and lovers all over the globe as well as strengthen such relationships.

Negative Influence of Technology on Communication

Just like a coin has two sides, the influence of technology on communication has two sides. And I have being able to portray the merits side. Now, I will show the price we paid to get the caked we enjoyed.

1. Distration

While Mobile phones bring immense benefits it can also be such a great distraction. It is a primary source of distraction even for drivers as people suffer injuries and die daily in accidents involving a distracted driver.

Technology can also be a distraction at home, schools or in offices, as constant messaging through social networks, games and even calls can divert a user’s attention away from more pressing issues.

2. Isolation And Lack of Real Socialization

Social networks can lead to isolation because due to decrease in face-to-face interaction and forcing out people being in company of each other.

In addition, these social networks make people more bothered about their social life wiping out a lot about their real life, with so many friends but really little friends and companions in life.

This often bring about psychological effects like depression and loneliness, which has really contributed to high rate of suicide.

3. Increase Of Poor Interpersonal Relationship

It also has a great impact on interpersonal communication as most people who stay online lack interpersonal skills like being able to express themselves or their ideas and thoughts.

This is as a result of frequent communication through messaging and chatting on social media.

4. Lack Of Privacy

Another disaster brought into communication through technology is a lack of privacy. Messages and emails can be hacked into, accounts can be compromised through malware as such making it difficult to protect important details when targeted.

5. Theft and Bullying

We cannot deny that technology has exposed to many dangers we encounter online. Ranging from online fraud to bullying.

We have scammers every trying every now and then to penetrate set programs illegally. And we have developer who create viruses. This another effort made to thwart your full enjoyment of the internet, hitch free.

In conclusion you have seen the positive and negative influence of technology on communication. However, I will point out that technology itself is an excellent breakthrough and blessing but its abuse or misuse will definitely birth harm.

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